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Uncovering Strategies and Business Models

Second part of the Scott Hirsch workshop (first write-up is here: Be like the Internet), as this is actually a business model innovation design issue I will post this here, but will put a note on the frogpond blog too, where most my other Web 2.0 Expo stuff will be collected. Scott starts with one […]

Consulting Templates …

In for some sunday morning fun? Have a look at this set of templates, “created by a former Senior Consultant at ***********” The fun starts at Slide 19 of 71 – perfect examples of messy thinking turned into powerpoint slides – complete with loads of arrows, circles and other irritating stuff. Well, this might also […]

Doing a Workshop in Bangkok for APO

Little posting activity right now, sorry about that. Anyway, it’s an really interesting project I’m on right now, and I will surely report some of the learnings. I am attending a workshop on business model innovation and design and knowledge management organized by Asian Productivity Organization (APO) together with the Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) in […]

Business Model Innovation and Banking Wal-Mart-style

Via Steve Wunker c/o Innoblog: “Business Model Innovation in Wal-Mart’s approach to banking” This is an interesting case of applied business model innovation (perfectly fitted for a coming consulting and coaching assignment I am currently preparing for), that shows many traits of disruptiveness (for the banking incumbents, that is): Wal-Mart is pushing new banking offerings, […]

Blog-Konzeption die zweite

Frank Hamm hat nach deutschen Enterprise 2.0 Inhalten gesucht und nur wenig gefunden. Das liegt u.a. auch daran, dass viele der deutschen Akteure sich als Teil einer (internationalen, englischsprachigen) Community verstehen und deshalb ihr Blog nicht in der (geliebten) Muttersprache schreiben. Wie mein frogpond-Blog wird auch BMID als hybrides, d.h. gemischt deutsch-englisches Blog geführt. Manchmal […]

The life of a consultant – the perpetual outsider

Via Robert Paterson: I think that the power of a good consultant is that they have the perspective of the outsider. The burden that they carry is that they are typically outsiders.

Business Model Cacophony

I’ve only gotten around this excellent post by Peter Rip of Leapfrog Ventures … on the cacophony of business model definitions and mental models … leading him to sketch his version of business model definition/architecture/configuration/help-and-cheat-sheet/… that I’ve included below … copyright due to Peter Rip of course. What striked me first place was this little […]