Crossposts come in handy sometimes …

Well, to leave light blogging behind it’s always a good idea to refurbish some things you’ve blogged somewhere else. In my case that’s easy as there’s my other (enterprise social software consulting) blog at frogpond.

Going back in time I see stuff such as

Intranet 2.0 Forum am 7. Dezember in Zürich (german language)
– (german language) posts and slides covering BarCamp RheinNeckar and WikiWednesday Stuttgart
Social Software im Wissensmanagement 2.0 (german post on a paper I submitted)
BarCamp Berlin: Social Networks and Enterprise 2.0 and Looking back at Berlin Web2Expo and BarCamp
Killing the Org Chart and Enterprise 2.0 Reality Check @ Web 2.0 Expo
Web 2.0 Expo Workshop: Dion Hinchcliffe on Rewriting the rules of the web
Be like the Internet

and, closing out for now this post that really fits in here as well: What is OpenSocial? Yes, it’s a business model innovation.

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