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Closing up some of my open tabs …

Business Week lists its top 10 of innovation and design books for 2008, books that “had an original thesis, tapped into a trend that seemed clearly part of the zeitgeist, or simply provoked us, making us think differently about the world or how better to monetize, mix, or manage fresh ideas”. And Blown to Bits […]

Stumbled upon some innovation …

Simon Wardley tackles why innovation in most organisations “doesn’t seem to get an easy ride”: Reasons for this include a lack of experience with radical innovation projects at senior levels, a growing mismatch between R&D productivity and cost, and a disparity between how long innovation takes and the immediate demands for ROIs. Added to this […]

Web2.0, Mashups AJAX, Webervices und Authentisierung

Notiz an mich: Dan Theurer war wieder im Lande, Oliver Gassner berichtet hier von Dans Vortrag, bei dem ich leider nicht dabei sein konnte. So arg viel hat sich seit dem letzten mal scheinbar nicht geändert? Hier meine Notizen von damals im (frogpond-internen) Wiki.

Yahoo + Microsoft = Disaster?

BNET Intercom collects reactions and thoughts from the blogosphere, to whom it interests: So Microsoft and Yahoo are at it again. Speculation is running wild on whether the deal, that some have valued at $50 billion, will actually go down. But if it does, will a Microsoft and Yahoo marriage go down in flames ala […]

Meilenstein … oder in die Röhre schaun’?

Und noch einige weitere Einschätzungen zu Pipes, u.a. von Siegfried Hirsch aka RSS-Blogger: Zusammenfassend kann man sagen, dass Yahoo! mit Pipes ein großer Wurf gelungen ist, der zeigt, was uns die Zukunft im Web noch alles bringen wird. Bisher waren Mashups ja nur was für Script-Hacker. Aber mit Pipes können eigene Web-Dienste ins Leben gerufen […]

Inside Yahoo!

Time looks behind the Purple Curtain at stuff like Company Colors, The Big Seat, The Games They Play, Lofty Goals, Opening New Doors, Carving Out Real Estate, In-House Experts and Intrepreneurs. Besides being illustrated with nice pics, which point out that this company knows its way in corporate ID and aesthetics, some insights are delivered, […]

IT Conversations: Bradley Horowitz

Over at IT Conversations Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product Strategy at Yahoo! speaks about how Yahoo! is leveraging open innovation, e.g. by opening its gates to the community with their API for open-ended projects such as Flickr, MyWeb, Delicious and Upcoming. Then, he discusses the concepts and visions of social search, while the program was […]