IT Conversations: Bradley Horowitz

Over at IT Conversations Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product Strategy at Yahoo! speaks about how Yahoo! is leveraging open innovation, e.g. by opening its gates to the community with their API for open-ended projects such as Flickr, MyWeb, Delicious and Upcoming. Then, he discusses the concepts and visions of social search, while the program was recorded back in June 2006 it fits nicely into my open innovation obsession …

Yahoo! is transitioning from being a closed-doors ecosystem to an open, developer-friendly, community-based company. It is breaking down the pyramid by eliminating differences between the minority of people – the apex of the pyramid – who create and deliver content, and the bottom of the pyramid – the majority of people who consume the content. Understanding the motivations behind online communalism, the company is exposing their data through their API for various products such as Flickr, delicious, MyWeb, Yahoo! Answers and Upcoming. Many of its executives are beginning to blog. So, why has Yahoo! decided to open up?

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