Yahoo + Microsoft = Disaster?

BNET Intercom collects reactions and thoughts from the blogosphere, to whom it interests:

So Microsoft and Yahoo are at it again. Speculation is running wild on whether the deal, that some have valued at $50 billion, will actually go down. But if it does, will a Microsoft and Yahoo marriage go down in flames ala AOL and Time Warner? Or is this the start of beautiful relationship filled with harmonious synergies?

But Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research says it best:

[…] First, we don’t discuss rumors. Sure it’s fun to speculate but in particular, this is a rumor we’ve heard before. […] Like most things, the details are what matters in something like this and details are the one thing most folks seem to be short on. When and if something happens, we’ll have a lot more to say. Could a deal make sense? Sure, under the right circumstances but it could also be a mess as well. Stay tuned.

Next topic please …

  1. Thanks for pointing to our Intercom blog post — good juxtaposition with the Jupiter Research post!

    Leslie Leite