Business thinking plus design thinking ends up being far more powerful

The design thinking meme is raging on, now there’s an article in the New York Times called “Design is more than packaging“. It’s good to see it in the Business section (remember 2005? BusinessWeek titled Tomorrow’s B-School? It Might Be A D-School) and I like the nice pragmatic end quote:

“It would be overreaching to say that design thinking solves everything. That’s putting it too high on a pedestal,” […] “Business thinking plus design thinking ends up being far more powerful.”

Yes, no point in making a management fad out of this. Whatever, Stanford’s gets mentioned (btw, there’s one at at Potsdam too), as is Tim Brown and IDEO. Well, we can’t do anything about that, yet marvel when people like Jim Rait weigh in and put down pieces of wisdom in the comments (and btw, explaining my fascination with both design-thinking and enterprise social software for innovation and knowledge management processes) :

The key to fast action is getting the knowledge building process to operate quickly … sort of Design Fast Action.

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