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Kollaborative Softwareentwicklung als Basis für Open Source

Letzte OSMB-Session für mich heute, Uwe Schmid von McKinsey & Co zu kollaborativer Softwareentwicklung als Basis für Open Source. Es geht allgemein um verteilte “co-creation”, Prosumer und Veränderungen der Wertschöpfung durch die neuen Internettechnologien. Neben verteilter Softwareentwicklung werden auch Ideen wie Lego Mindstorms, das OScar-Auto und mehr angesprochen. Die Grundlagen für moderne Unternehmenführung sind bereits […]

The Future of Enterprise Content Management

Second keynote of the OSMB by Aleksander Farstad of eZ on the future of Enterprise Content Management. eZ Systems is a 5 million € company that’s actually a 250 million € company, nice slide and entry. Yes, he’s right, the size of the company doesn’t show the position in the market, it’s more about the […]

Technology-enabled trends that will help shape businesses

The McKinsey Quarterly has published an article by James M. Manyika, Roger P. Roberts, and Kara L. Spragueon on eight technology-enabled trends that will help shape businesses in the future. Eight emerging trends are transforming many markets and businesses. Executives should learn to shape the outcome rather than just react to it. […] Technology alone […]

Innovation Networks: Looking for Ideas Outside the Company

In Innovation Networks: Looking for Ideas Outside the Company, an interview of Knowledge@Wharton with Ex-Procter & Gamble vice president of knowledge and innovation Larry Huston explains the deeper rationale behind innovation networks: […] future competitive advantage will depend on “innovation networks” – individuals and organizations outside a company that can help it solve problems and […]

Nick Carr on SaaS …

Yesterday evening I was catching up with some boomarked videos, here’s another one worth pointing out: Nick Carr “discussing the business implications of on-demand software with guys from Accenture, Deloitte, Business Objects and Bluewolf”: The discussion revolves around on how IT is deployed and used, where Carr highlights that there is a shift going on […]

The intriguing world of wikinomics … and democratizing innovation

Two good show this week at Peter Day’s World of Business, one on the democratization of innovation, the other one circling round Wikinomics: This week’s Global Business steps into the intriguing world of “Wikinomics”. It’s all centred on the huge new possibilities of collaboration across time and space brought about the internet. The best known […]

Make innovation a truly open and collaborative process

But, yes, this is tricky business … This BBC podcast with Peter Day is actually a little “field report”, complete with interview snippets. Alltogether a really good listen. Business innovation is vital for corporate survival, but is innovation best left to companies? […] it is the users of goods and services who generate the best […]