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Can good design be co-created?

Another Intersections Conference podcast – a discussion about the possibilities and pitfalls of co-design, mp3 here Can good design be co-created? What can designers learn from the open source software movement and ‘wikinomics’? While everyone is a designer, isn’t it the job of professional designers to champion good design?

Software for business innovation

Umair adds another perspective on the Sexy Enterprise 2.0 debate: Enterprise software is lame because it offers little potential for revolutionizing anything – market space, value propositions, industry economics, strategies, etc. That’s why software players are able to create less and less value – the marginal gains to software are shrinking because “enterprise software” only […]

The intriguing world of wikinomics … and democratizing innovation

Two good show this week at Peter Day’s World of Business, one on the democratization of innovation, the other one circling round Wikinomics: This week’s Global Business steps into the intriguing world of “Wikinomics”. It’s all centred on the huge new possibilities of collaboration across time and space brought about the internet. The best known […]

Some strategy books …

… recommended by Sydney Finkelstein in the Wall Street Journal’s Startup Journal. I especially like his take on strategy and adaptivity: a company’s business strategy and management theory should be constantly evolving. “Standing still is the worst strategy of all,” says Mr. Finkelstein The list names also some of my favourites, among them Wikinomics (by […]

Project Red Stripe and other Ideastorms

via Slashdot: All of traditional media is scrambling to remain relevant on the Net, but The Economist of London is taking it to extremes, with a skunkworks operation called Project Red Stripe. The magazine gathered six staffers from around the world, set them up in a London office, and gave them six months to come […]

“Science sharing” and tuning R&D

Tapscott and Williams in BusinessWeek offering examples of companies such as Novartis and Intel that are encouraging open systems of collaboration: As large-scale scientific collaborations become the norm, scientists will rely increasingly on distributed methods of collecting data, verifying discoveries, and testing hypotheses not only to speed things up but to improve the veracity of […]

Wikinomics @ brand eins

Via Netzpolitik, ein Interview mit Don Tapscott in brand eins über Wikinomics. Nur zwei interessante Passagen aus dem (nicht nur für Organisationstheoretiker) sehr spannendem Interview: Wir beobachten eine neue Form der Selbstorganisation, [… Wikinomics …], und sie wird herkömmliche Unternehmensstrukturen als primäre Triebkraft der Wertschöpfung ablösen. und [brand eins:] Intellektuelles Eigentum und kluge Köpfe muss […]