Technology-enabled trends that will help shape businesses

The McKinsey Quarterly has published an article by James M. Manyika, Roger P. Roberts, and Kara L. Spragueon on eight technology-enabled trends that will help shape businesses in the future.

McKinsey 8 Trends

Eight emerging trends are transforming many markets and businesses. Executives should learn to shape the outcome rather than just react to it. […] Technology alone is rarely the key to unlocking economic value: companies create real wealth when they combine technology with new ways of doing business.

The eight trends are grouped in three broad areas:
– managing relationships,
– managing capital and assets, and
– leveraging information in new ways

Here’s the conclusion, but go and read the whole article (free registration required)

Creative leaders can use a broad spectrum of new, technology-enabled options to craft their strategies. These trends are best seen as emerging patterns that can be applied in a wide variety of businesses. Executives should reflect on which patterns may start to reshape their markets and industries next—and on whether they have opportunities to catalyze change and shape the outcome rather than merely react to it.

While there’s no explicit reference to enterprise social software, we know that managing relationships is THE archetypical arena for wikis, blogs and more, e.g. in open innovation.

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