Nick Carr on SaaS …

Yesterday evening I was catching up with some boomarked videos, here’s another one worth pointing out: Nick Carr “discussing the business implications of on-demand software with guys from Accenture, Deloitte, Business Objects and Bluewolf”:

The discussion revolves around on how IT is deployed and used, where Carr highlights that there is a shift going on (like the shift from local power plants to the electricity grid).

Important is the notion that technology change is only the beginning, and that SaaS and utility computing will inevitably change innoavtion and collaboration efforts – bridging and connectiong people, apps and data that were isolated before.

Interestingly, they are quickly venturing into discussing emergent and innovative collaborative practices (read social networking platforms, like i.e. Facebook or Xing) – basically they are exploring social software questions (did I mention that I do consulting work in this space?).

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