The intriguing world of wikinomics … and democratizing innovation

Two good show this week at Peter Day’s World of Business, one on the democratization of innovation, the other one circling round Wikinomics:

This week’s Global Business steps into the intriguing world of “Wikinomics”. It’s all centred on the huge new possibilities of collaboration across time and space brought about the internet. The best known example of Wikinomics is, of course, the Wikipedia. The freely available internet encyclopaedia created by thousands of different writers has eight million articles in 250 languages, which anyone can add to or edit. But now here is Wikinomics: the art of collaboration using the internet in all sorts of businesses and organisations. Peter Day talks to the Canadian management consultant, Don Tapscott who has just authored a book called “Wikinomics.”

Here’s the mp3.

Business innovation is vital for corporate survival, but is innovation best left to companies? Peter Day hears from the innovators who say that it is the users of goods and services who generate the best ideas, and now’s the time to make innovation a truly open and collaborative process.

Again, get the mp3.

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