The Future of Enterprise Content Management

Second keynote of the OSMB by Aleksander Farstad of eZ on the future of Enterprise Content Management.

eZeZ Systems is a 5 million € company that’s actually a 250 million € company, nice slide and entry. Yes, he’s right, the size of the company doesn’t show the position in the market, it’s more about the business ecosystem, i.e. partners and all.

Alex shows an impressive list of eZ customers, Fortune 500 et al.

Next up, business model architecture of eZ (seen vs. proprietary software CMS) – less license fees, making this up by selling consulting and implementation services, and developing together with customers, aka open innovation.

Why is eZ successful?
– more efficient development model
– more efficient distribution model
– more efficient support model

And on the future of eZ and the ECM market
– consolidation in a growing market
– industry consolidation
– enterprise consolidation (hmm, don’t know if I agree)
– globalization
– more mature and demanding customers
– niche specialization (this is the strategy to go, focus or die)

OK, now I got phoned and missed the second part of Aleksanders talk, but there may be other conference bloggers here too. One out of three of these guys here are sporting notebooks and tapping away … anyway here are the slides.

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