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Bookmarks for April 30th through May 1st

These are my links for April 30th through May 1st: Liquide Demokratie statt Mauer-Taktik: Flüssiges Wissen | – das Beste aus Blogs, Videos, Musik und Web 2.0 – Mit den Möglichkeiten der Vernetzung im Web erhöht sich allerdings die Wahrscheinlichkeit enorm, auf kluge und weise Menschen zu stoßen, die einen hilfreichen Beitrag zu einem […]

Pinboard bookmarks for February 11th

Pinboard links for February 11th, syndicated automagically: How to SSH on Ubuntu – A Simple Guide | Ubuntu Linux Help – You know how you can control your Linux box through the terminal command line? Well, if you have SSH set up, you can also control a remote computer over the network. This is really […]

Pinboard bookmarks for November 24th

Pinboard links for November 24th, syndicated automagically: Mad Blanks – Tools to view your site as Googlebot would see it – Quiz, survey, assessment, calculator, general purpose form – Tools to view your site as Googlebot would see it The following are a couple examples of web services that will allow you to see your […]