Design Thinking and Five Challenges of Design-led Organizations

Time again for a design-thinking post – got triggered by the Küchenradio:

Simon Blake arbeitet an der D-School am privat finanzierten Hasso-Plattner-Institut der Uni Potsdam. Das “Design Thinking” will für große Probleme schnell praktische Lösungen finden. Wie das geht und was bisher gelöst wurde […]

Here’s the mp3 (yes, german language).

Then via Michael Altendorf I found this video of Matthew, VP of the Design Services Team at SAP, who discusses the Five Challenges of Design-led Organizations:

This video courtesy of the Institute of Design Strategy Conference Site. I really like their approach that combines design, creativity and business thinking. Check out some of my posts on design-thinking here.

Something I wanted to blog about since long and that fits the mold is next. Matt Balara did some interviews at reboot10 asking people what design means to them, second in the row is his interview with Andy Budd outside the Kedelhallen. The question’s the same every other time: “What is design to you?”:

Great thinking and some great quotes to stumble upon in Matt’s blog, go there and check it out, it’s a whole series.

One last goody to be recommended is Matt’s interview with Thomas Vander Wal:

So what’s design mean to you, Thomas?

It’s the layer on top of things that are used, that makes them comfortable and gives them more ease of use. It’s adding experience but taking away the hard edges, and allow people to embrace the tool or service in a closer interaction.

And last, but not least, Ideo (and CEO Tim Browne) are now blogging too (via Matthias and Anol). Check out the new blogs (at Ideo Labs and Design Thinking respectively) for fresh insights. Besides, Tim’s article in the June 2008 HBR is a good introduction to design thinking too:

“Thinking like a designer can transform the way you develop products, services, processes—and even strategy”

Badly, got the german language paper version only, but Victor and others have written extensively about it.

  1. just saw this page via Ralf Beuker´s site, thanks for compiling all these links, nice work!