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The World’s Most Innovative Companies

This is a very interesting feature over at Business Week, touching subjects like the need for business model innovations obstacles in BMID open innovation and innovation in networked environments questions whether a CIO – read Chief Innovation Officer – should be installed and more

Innovation Portfolio

Tom Davenport on the various kinds of innovations. He categorizes innovation styles into 1. Product innovation 2. Service innovation aka new ways to deliver services 3. Process innovation like internal business processes, or the ways of delivering products and services to customers. 4. Managerial innovation like the exploration and adoption of new approaches for managing […]

Business Prophet

Business Week feature on C.K. Prahalad … on how he is changing the way CEOs think, some ideas and lessons for CEOs, and pointing out his central and much read works: […] break out of ingrained mind-sets and craft new business models. Prahalad and colleague Gary Hamel helped spark a management revolution in the 1990s […]