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The World’s Top R&D Spenders

… new mp3 podcast by BusinessWeek — Innovation of the Week: Barry Jaruzelski, a partner at Booz & Co., discusses the findings in the fourth annual Global Innovation 1000 survey of the world’s top spenders in corporate R&D, and why it’s important to invest in new products during a recession. Yes, right, products but let’s […]

Krank durch Arbeit?

Organisationspathologien aus anderer Perspektive, ein Podcast von SWR 2 Geld, Markt, Meinung “Krank durch Arbeit?” (mp3) : Immer mehr Arbeitnehmer bleiben wegen Ängsten, Depressionen oder Stresskrankheiten ihrem Arbeitsplatz fern. In den Statistiken der Krankenkassen spiegelt sich diese Entwicklung wider: Als einzige Krankheitsart nehmen seit Anfang der 90iger Jahre die psychischen Störungen zu. Tendenz: weiter steigend. […]

Dog eat Dog competition quote

Managers might not want competition in their industry to become more Schumpeterian, but they don’t have a choice. In “Dog Eat Dog” by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson, where they hold that industries that buy a lot of technology are becoming as cutthroat as those that produce technology …

From Manufacturing to Design

Notes to myself, part I, in HBS First Look of March 27: “From Manufacturing to Design: An Essay on the Work of Kim B. Clark” by Sylvain Lenfle and Carliss Y. Baldwin. Kim Clark occupies a unique place in management scholarship. As a member of the Technology and Operations Management unit of Harvard Business School, […]

On Competitive Advantage

Via Rajesh Jain, an article with a nice human touch on how defining a firm’s capabilities, purpose, and niche (business model issues if you ask me) creates competitive advantage: Is it so different for the leader of a company to ask, “What is this company capable of?” than it is for an individual to wonder, […]

How Innovation Really Works …

… observed by Rob Hof [M]ost folks developing products have their heads down, not craned over their shoulders in this interesting post by Yahoos Jeremy Zawodny who speaks out on the infamous ways of corporate innovation … even at large and cool Internet companies For the last five and a half years, I have had […]