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Pinboard bookmarks for December 20th

Pinboard links for December 20th, syndicated automagically: Stop talking about “social” » THINK OUTSIDE IN – while we're moving from connecting people to information to connecting people to people …. social is also about noise-signal filtering, in our information environment. Social circles can add value only if we power them with our time and passion […]

Pinboard bookmarks for October 30th

Pinboard links for October 30th, syndicated automagically: W3C Social Business Jam – 8-10 November 2011 – The W3C Social Business Jam is an online conversation among leaders in business, government and technology about the current state of social business, the future role that social technologies can play in improving the bottom line, and how social […]

More people than ever are working on problems

2019: A Future Imagined from Flat-12 on Vimeo. Hm, he’s optimistic because “more people than ever are working on problems” (like Clay Shirky’s cognitive surplus) – possibly leveraging a lot of creativity. Via PolkaRobot

State of the Web 2010 – more change upcoming (same as always, yes)

10 Questions Internet Executives View more presentations from Perfect Market. Hard to read in this form, so you may get the actual slides at Morgan Stanley. And yes, Steve Jobs is on the list of “to watch” – rightso. And don’t forget to check out the disruptive innovation slides versus the end (was this any […]

Uncasual Friday

Nette Idee,┬áKleider machen Leute┬áProfessionals, oder? […] wir kommen eines morgens in das betahaus und dort sitzen Leute mit schwarzen Anzügen und glänzenden Lackschuhen an ihren Laptops Gleich morgen testen?

Augmented Reality explained

via KoopTech, Lee does it again:

Vorteile des freien Netzes überwiegen die Nachteile

Christian Stöcker: “Die Vorteile des freien Netzes überwiegen seine Nachteile” from Carta on Vimeo via Die sieben Thesen, die sich allesamt gut anhören (und wenn der BiTKOM wirkliche Netzneutralität unterstützen sollte wäre ich noch begeisterter, vielleicht ergibt sich daraus ja auch ein Gegengift gegen die Schirrmachers dieser Welt?): 1. Das Internet ist dumm und […]