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Leben im Netz

Nicht vergessen – 3sat widmet sich am heute und morgen in sechs Sendungen den “zahlreichen Facetten des digitalen Lebens”: In nano, wissen aktuell, neues spezial und scobel – und in der Kulturzeit (“KULTURELLE KERNSCHMELZE: Die Veränderung der Kommunikationskultur“): “Online” ist ein Synonym für “am Puls der Zeit”, für “gut informiert” oder “mitten drin”. Wer hingegen […]

Power of (open) technology

Jeff Atwood on the real power of netbooks: these modest little boxes are marvels — inspiring evidence of the inexorable march of powerful, open computing technology to everyman and everywhere Add to this Kevin Kelly in his interview at orionmagazine and you’ll see what I mean. And now go and watch Jason Calacanis rant on […]

Notes on the Evolution of Design Thinking: A Work in Progress

Almost a history of design, complete with AEG, Bauhaus, the Eames brothers and more. Pdf here at DMI. During most of the twentieth century, corporations and cultural institutions asked designers to play a focused and limited role in product and service development. Today, that role is expanding and the core of the field, design thinking, […]

Is the age of big ideas over?

Nice, Chris Anderson and Alain de Botton discuss “why ‘big ideas’ often get stuck and why we need to get out of our normal routine to let our imagination flow”. Get the podcast at BBC Radio 4’s “iPM: Share What You Know” – Is the age of big ideas over? (mp3), and find a transcript […]

Looking into the future: Five key design trends

David Report writes about five key design trends and relates them in depth to […] social, economical and ecological patterns and phenomena’s over the entire global – local scale. The 5 key design trends are: Cooltural – Abbreviation of Cool Cultural Rationaissance – Abbreviation of Rationalism Renaissance Responsibiz – Abbreviation of Responsible business Sensuctive – […]

WE magazine

WE magazine has launched. Ulrike Reinhard and their team (Markus Beckedahl, Bea Gschwend and Steffen Büffel too) have put on a first issue with a set of articles by people like Joi Ito, Stephen Downes, Dan Gillmor, Sugata Mitra and Ethan Zuckerman. Ulrike explains how she came up with the idea for WE magazine, the motives […]

Publishing in a Web 2.0 World

Updating my last (german language) post on media industry let me add this podcast (mp3) with Tim O’Reilly, from the 2007 O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, where: [he] turns his attention to how Web 2.0 trends are creating new challenges for the publishing industry