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Pinboard bookmarks for March 11th

Pinboard links for March 11th, syndicated automagically: Portals and KM: SXSW Notes: The Complexity Curve: How to Design for Simplicity – “Interfaces and devices are providing more and more power and functionality to people, and in many cases this additional power is accompanied by increasing complexity. Although people have more experience and are more sophisticated, […]

Pinboard bookmarks for December 20th

Pinboard links for December 20th, syndicated automagically: Stop talking about “social” » THINK OUTSIDE IN – while we're moving from connecting people to information to connecting people to people …. social is also about noise-signal filtering, in our information environment. Social circles can add value only if we power them with our time and passion […]

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tagging this with #socialsoftware+advantages #socialsoftware+arenas #socialbusiness #socialbusinessdesign #knowledgework #activitystreams #presentation AND #headshift 😉 Embedded Link Social Intranets in Social Business Keynote talk from the 2011 Interact Intranet Conference in London Google+: View post on Google+

Pinboard bookmarks for November 21st

Pinboard links for November 21st, syndicated automagically: Article: How Steelcase is designing now for the future of work – What is the impact of coworking on larger corporations? How are they responding? Mark Greiner: Businesses are recognizing the importance of choice to their employees. By providing options in how and where their employees work, they’re […]