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State of the Web 2010 – more change upcoming (same as always, yes)

10 Questions Internet Executives View more presentations from Perfect Market. Hard to read in this form, so you may get the actual slides at Morgan Stanley. And yes, Steve Jobs is on the list of “to watch” – rightso. And don’t forget to check out the disruptive innovation slides versus the end (was this any […]

Management Tools of 2007

Bain & Co. recently published their annual report about the top Management Tools of 2007 (“Getting a handle on the tools executives use to grow their business”). Interesting isn’t the selection in itself, which is the “usual mix of usual suspects” – a compilation of tools, methods, attitudes and fads. What I found remarkable are […]

2007 Digital Outlook Report

Avenue A | Razorfish just released their 2007 Digital Outlook report, which examines trends in digital media. Unusual format, but nice layout 😉 Interesting stuff, like e.g. The Death of the Page View: How AJAX, RSS, and Widgets Will Force Us to Define a New Metric for User Engagement by Garrick Schmitt “We”conomics: Monetization of […]