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Pinboard bookmarks for January 10th

Pinboard links for January 10th, syndicated automagically: “Wave” Goodbye » Process for the Enterprise – some of the very shortcomings Google Wave started with. Basic issues of connectivity – very few of our colleagues had Google Wave accounts.  We couldn’t trivially add them even if they were Gmail or Google Apps users already. Basic issues […]

Pinboard bookmarks for December 14th

Pinboard links for December 14th, syndicated automagically: From social intranets to collaboration ecosystems – Forbes – the five pillars of social intranets: Information. To be social, an intranet must allow information to easily flow vertically and horizontally, and allow employees to express themselves in various ways (articles, status updates, comments, content sharing…). Knowledge. Content repositories […]

Pinboard bookmarks for November 30th

Pinboard links for November 30th, syndicated automagically: When Should You Migrate Your File Shares to SharePoint? – Yes, there are circumstances and scenarios where it makes sense to leave your file shares where they stand. For most organizations, it is a combination of factors rather than any single factor that drives this decision: typically, it's a large […]

"TR: Das ist ein ganze Menge

Wie organisieren Sie diese große Erfindungsfabrik? Myhrvold: Die meisten unserer Erfindungen entstehen in sogenannten "Invention Sessions". Das heißt, eine Gruppe von Menschen kommt zusammen, sammelt und diskutiert Ideen in einer Art Brainstorming. Dieses Verfahren widerspricht aber allem, was Ihnen sogenannte Kreativitätsberater als erfolgversprechendes Brainstorming verkaufen. Wir achten zwar darauf, dass die Sitzungen grundsätzlich strukturiert sind, […]

Pinboard bookmarks for November 3rd

Pinboard links for November 3rd, syndicated automagically: Change Management is the Foundation of a Social Organization | Social Business News – The foundation for social organization transformation is culture and leadership. Process and technology initiatives are certainly important and play a vital role; but without a change in organizational behavior it will prove meaningless. Change […]

The World’s Top R&D Spenders

… new mp3 podcast by BusinessWeek — Innovation of the Week: Barry Jaruzelski, a partner at Booz & Co., discusses the findings in the fourth annual Global Innovation 1000 survey of the world’s top spenders in corporate R&D, and why it’s important to invest in new products during a recession. Yes, right, products but let’s […]