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  • From social intranets to collaboration ecosystems – Forbes – the five pillars of social intranets:

    Information. To be social, an intranet must allow information to easily flow vertically and horizontally, and allow employees to express themselves in various ways (articles, status updates, comments, content sharing…).
    Knowledge. Content repositories are way too statics, they must evolve to a more democratic and flexible way to capitalize on knowledge (enterprise wikis) and to spread it (social learning).
    Communities. I assume you are already convinced of the importance of enterprise social networks. But simply providing a ESN to your employees will not allow communities to emerge, you will have to enable them through stimulation and moderations.
    Collaboration. I also assume you are aware of the benefits of online collaborative workspaces, but one can do much more with socialized project management solutions, ideagoras or social serious games.
    Business processes and data. Last but not least, software allowing employees to produce, collect, structure, analyze and publish data is key to wider adoption. You will easily find pockets of users willing to participate in “social experiments”, but to rally EVERY employee, you will have to include business applications and processes in your internal social platform.

  • The file comes DRM-free, meaning people can download the file and transfer it over to other computers without entering a password to prove whether or not they purchased it. That also means the video is easier to pirate. – An Unorthodox Way To Release A Comedy Special

    C.K. asked his fans to contribute $5 directly to him via PayPal, in exchange for two streams and two downloads of the unencrypted, high-definition show. He explains that he chose the unorthodox method of sharing his special to see if releasing a video himself could potentially make money.

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