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Critical Thinking

an interesting article on critical thinking and how to deal with decision problems (and faults/pathologies/…). Notice this nice summary: Make sure you understand the logic behind your decision. Identify your assumptions and double-check them. Collect the data that will support or disprove your assumptions. Deliberately consider the situation from multiple frames. Remember the people! Think […]

It’s What You Do …

An interesting review of a management book … called “It’s Not What You Say… It’s What You Do” by Laurence Haughton …. some noted gems: Laurence begins the book with a startling statistic. Fifty percent of company initiatives fall through the cracks within two years. and Most managers have a tendency to leap to conclusions, […]

Why GM’s Plan Won’t Work

An interesting article that highlights some reasons why huge institutions, like e.g. GM, have such a hard time changing: They are attached to their (cemented) organizational structures as they are facing a changing world. Why is it so hard for those inside GM to see the inevitable? Take a step into the Detroit mindset. No […]

Shaping the Future

Interesting article … tagline is that [scientific] uncertainty often becomes an excuse to ignore long-term problems … noting that “those who make decisions tend to stay focused on the next fiscal quarter, the next year, the next election” … well, yes, this is just the way it is … and the authors developed ideas how […]