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Design your own cover

Via Eicolab (“Customer participation“), this nice idea by Penguin publishers: Penguin has a series of books with blank white covers. You can design your own covers. Express yourself. Turn one into a unique gift and so forth. Reminds me of personalized books, print on demand and more – leaving the cover blank is nothing but […]

Mass Career Customization

This podcast of HBR’s IdeaCast looks interesting, but, well, I haven’t checked it out yet … Harvard Business Online’s Steve Singer talks with Cathleen Benko, co-author of Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace with Today’s Nontraditional Workforce. Here’s the book descripition (via Amazon), and you may learn more about the authors at Deloitte: Far-reaching changes […]

Collaborative Filtering and Recommendation Engines

Apple has started a new marketing approach – sending (mass) personalized e-mails to users of its online iTunes Music Store (iTMS). Basically, the suggestive strategy recommends different types of music and updates users about new album releases from previously bought artists … “This approach allows users to navigate from hits that they know they like […]