Mass Career Customization

This podcast of HBR’s IdeaCast looks interesting, but, well, I haven’t checked it out yet …

Harvard Business Online’s Steve Singer talks with Cathleen Benko, co-author of Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace with Today’s Nontraditional Workforce.

Here’s the book descripition (via Amazon), and you may learn more about the authors at Deloitte:

Far-reaching changes in attitudes and family structures have been redefining the workforce for more than two decades—yet the workplace has remained much the same. During this time, many companies have learned that personalizing the customer experience is good for business. In Mass Career Customization, the authors argue convincingly to extend this popular and profitable concept to the workplace.

This book is centered on the powerful insight that career options in today’s economy need to accommodate the rising and falling phases of employee engagement as it changes over time. The remarkable process unveiled in this book offers choices involving four important dimensions of career progression: role; pace; location and schedule; and workload.

As the working population shrinks, maintaining industry advantage will depend largely on keeping employees engaged and connected. Mass Career Customization provides a framework for organizational adaptability that will do just that.

I like this, nontraditional workforce … that’s me. Get the mp3.

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