Collaborative Filtering and Recommendation Engines

Apple has started a new marketing approach – sending (mass) personalized e-mails to users of its online iTunes Music Store (iTMS). Basically, the suggestive strategy recommends different types of music and updates users about new album releases from previously bought artists …

“This approach allows users to navigate from hits that they know they like to more obscure titles they might never have thought of or heard of.”

… the article cites Netflix and notes that the core asset of their business model is …

not their million-strong customer marketing list but rather its detailed understanding of their users’ tastes and preferences which allows it to make incisive recommendations of related movie titles,”

This makes sense, considering the complexities of the media market …

[…] the huge number of titles already on DVD, and […] the explosion in content which will become available when the world’s libraries of movie and television content are digitized and placed online


[…] a reliable recommendation engine based on a large sample of customer interactions will be a powerful barrier to entry to new players

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