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Pinboard bookmarks for October 31st

Pinboard links for October 31st, syndicated automagically: Social Experience Design: one method, two tools, three tips, the lecture • Intense Minimalism – Social Experience Design with elements of business, strategy and change management How to Convince Your Friends to Use Linux Without Being a Jerk | TechSource – The Show Don’t Tell policy also applies […]

Agile, yes – but really really Agile Management

Ah, feedback loops, emergence of patterns (of organizational pathologies), the need for mindfulness, systems-thinking-enabled and -aware managers people who work systems and really master complex responsive processes – literally all this and more in one presentation by Jürgen Appelo: Agile Management – Complexity Thinking View more presentations from Jurgen Appelo.

The answer is something WE have to live together and co-create

I am tempted to tag this video – found via Ulrike – with #s21. And I am giving in, find a (german language) explanation at my other blog. It’s near to my heart, this #s21 thing.

Desire lines – powerful metaphor for emergence

via “the desire line — trails worn into a landscape that demonstrate the paths people want to take, not those that were laid down by the designer” Peter Merholz lays out some great, yet small in volume, thoughts on emergence, the need for nimble design (and adptiveness – be it in terms of business […]

Together, we work smarter

Thank you IBM – for the cute visual messaging of the links between here (BMID) and there (Enterprise Collaboration @ frogpond): Yes, together, we work smarter. Smarter being all things agile, flexible, you know, see here and there … via Stefan

Stumbled upon … lately? It’s basically a Twitter clone built upon the Open Source microblogging software (and the OpenMicroBlogging Protokoll too). See Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWrite Web for insights into the potentials, like e.g. “federated microblogging” and distributing load via multiple interoperable installs … What else? Jay Cross offers us another chapter of Informal Learning: Rediscovering the […]

BPEL – Open Source Workflow Management

Eine recht gut besuchte OSMB-Session, “Open Source Workflow Management mit BPEL” mit Gerd Jan Tschöpe von Tarent. Der Kontext ist es IT-gestützte Geschäftsprozesse schnell wandelbar zu machen, d.h. flexibel an geänderte Gegebenheiten anzupassen. […] Service-Orientierten Architekturen stellen Software-Funktionen als Dienste bereit. […] Komplexe Geschäftsabläufe werden als Verkettungen von Diensten und Interaktionen modelliert. […] ad hoc […]