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Agile, yes – but really really Agile Management

Ah, feedback loops, emergence of patterns (of organizational pathologies), the need for mindfulness, systems-thinking-enabled and -aware managers people who work systems and really master complex responsive processes – literally all this and more in one presentation by Jürgen Appelo: Agile Management – Complexity Thinking View more presentations from Jurgen Appelo.

Patterns as holistic framework for building

Patterns, Components, and Code, Oh My! By Erin Malone (check out the excellent series on working with patterns and the equally interesting book)

Pattern language

Hehe, love this “wiki” in quotation marks, still way to go to real mainstream adoption I guess, whatever Gartner says. But hey, this Studio 360 podcast with Christopher Alexnder is a good listen (mp3). Found via Victor. His groundbreaking book A Pattern Language urged architects consider emotional and spiritual ideas when designing. It was the […]