Pinboard bookmarks for October 31st

Pinboard links for October 31st, syndicated automagically:

  • Social Experience Design: one method, two tools, three tips, the lecture • Intense Minimalism – Social Experience Design with elements of business, strategy and change management
  • How to Convince Your Friends to Use Linux Without Being a Jerk | TechSource – The Show Don’t Tell policy also applies to feature comparisons. Let’s say you want to outline the salient features of Linux. Instead of giving a huge lecture about how virus-free, how fragmentation-free, how fast the desktop is, just show it to them. Take their Windows/Mac laptop and put it beside your own desktop. Start a timer and show your friend how fast it boots. I hate to repeat, but just show it, don’t talk about it.
  • Best Practices are Stupid | Nan Palmero | a blog – One of the tips he shares is the importance of looking outside your industry to solve problems. He goes further in his book about changing the way you innovate and think about innovation. One surprise I found in the book is to stop using a suggestion box. Stephen goes to explain that they frequently don’t work, waste time and the ideas can oftentimes be answers to questions that no one asked.
  • Everything is fragmented— The core principles : KMWorld – In an earlier column, I wrote about the science of complex adaptive systems (see Nov./Dec. 2008 KMWorld), which is a key piece of underlying theory to help us comprehend the increasingly interdependent and co-evolving worlds of knowledge management, social computing and learning.
  • Quick Terminal for Nautilus – Ubuntuka – If you are fan of command line like me and agree that in many situations it’s better/easier to use terminal than graphical interface, you should try terminal plugin for nautilus file manager. This smart plugin makes it possible to open popup terminal in any directory you opened in nautilus and use it for file manipulations or anything you want. If you still don’t have it installed you definitely should.

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