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Managers Need to Ask for Help

I am (again) tempted to link this to another one, and then another one and on and on – great interview found via Ralf Lippold’s GReader recommendations.

The answer is something WE have to live together and co-create

I am tempted to tag this video – found via Ulrike – with #s21. And I am giving in, find a (german language) explanation at my other blog. It’s near to my heart, this #s21 thing.

Machtmenschen, mangelnde Einsichtigkeit und große Fehler

Via IDW: In Ausgabe 2007-3 von Wirtschaftspsychologie (“Soft Skills im Führungskontext”) ist ein Beitrag des Wirtschaftsspychologen Scholl über Machtmenschen, mangelnde Einsichtigkeit und große Fehler: Personen in hohen Positionen ruinieren ihren Erfolg häufig selbst. Den Zyklus skizziert Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Scholl von der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: “Zunächst sind es Wissen, Können, Geschicklichkeit und Wille zur Macht, […]

International Journal of Design, 2nd issue

There’s an interesting article in the new edition of the International Journal of Design called “Metaphors in Design Problem Solving: Implications for Creativity“. Here’s the abstract: Metaphors help designers to understand unfamiliar design problems by juxtaposing them with known situations. Retrieving concepts from metaphors demands creative thinking. While the importance of this heuristic has been […]

Wicked Problems

Organizations suffer pain from having to deal with wicked problems all the time, namely when operating in complex environments … The pain stems from a misunderstanding of the nature of the problems [they/we] face. We are having to solve a new class of problems – wicked problems – using thinking, tools, and methods that are […]