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Big company innovation …

… well, “is it possible and why doesn’t it happen more often?” – that’s the topic of this podcast (mp3) with Bill Taylor, co-author of “Mavericks at Work” and writer of the “Game Changer” blog at HBS. They are discussing his post on cross-boundary disruption, asking why big, successful companies, with vast technological and financial […]

Business Model Innovation and Banking Wal-Mart-style

Via Steve Wunker c/o Innoblog: “Business Model Innovation in Wal-Mart’s approach to banking” This is an interesting case of applied business model innovation (perfectly fitted for a coming consulting and coaching assignment I am currently preparing for), that shows many traits of disruptiveness (for the banking incumbents, that is): Wal-Mart is pushing new banking offerings, […]

Apples flops and continuous reinvention

Another thought on this: one company that is often viewed as “immune” to the Peter-principle of innovation is Apple, yet it has its very own history of flops and not getting it (which brought it to the brink more than once). Michael Urlocker notes some of them, pointing out that one can learn a lot […]

Wii – a different game play

James Surowiecki with this insightful piece, giving another perspective on the game-console market, add this to my post of yesterday The point is that business is not a sporting event. Victory for one company doesn’t mean defeat for everyone else. Markets today are so big-the global video-game market is now close to thirty billion dollars-that […]

Google Wallet business model innovations …

Charlene Li of Forrester Research develops some very interesting thoughts on the things (aka business model innovations …) Google might have in mind with their coming online payment system … one of them is paying for subscriptions and for new kinds of content created by individuals … well yes, this may turn out to be […]

How Skype and Kazaa changed the net

Read an interesting interview with Niklas Zennström, the man behind Kazaa and Skype by the BBC Click Online in which he states that Ultimately [Kazaa …] are great things and compares the problems faced by the new medium to similar issues of the past: “When radio stations started playing music the record companies started suing […]

Tech’s Idle Billions

A commentary by Steve Rosenbush that caught my eye … pounding on an issue that has kept me busy as well: the lack of innovation, notably business model innovations by big tech players. Quite controversial, still many good thougths in there, note these gems: Tech’s Idle Billions […] The sector’s companies are minting money. Now […]