Big company innovation …

… well, “is it possible and why doesn’t it happen more often?” – that’s the topic of this podcast (mp3) with Bill Taylor, co-author of “Mavericks at Work” and writer of the “Game Changer” blog at HBS. They are discussing his post on cross-boundary disruption, asking why big, successful companies, with vast technological and financial resources, don’t shake up the status quo more (in order to reap big profits). I side with Bill Taylor on this, Wal-Mart and GE aren’t exactly the poster-childs of disruptive (business model) innovation – at least they are no longer, old merits still hold – and being a big fat cat doesn’t qualify for quick agile moves.

They are also touching on Irving Wladawasky-Berger and his thoughts on the necessity of near-death-experiences for real innovation (aka organizational brain cleansing),which I’ve mentioned here before (“Notes from the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Summit“).

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