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Update: More on Greasemonkey and business models

GM is catching on quick, its business model disruption potential is noted … in addition to my old posts here , there and there … see this nice summary … some comments are elaborating on … Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets users add “user scripts” (DHTML, technically) to any web page. These scripts […]

The Copyright Business vs. the Copying Business

Found this interesting post on disrupted business models … An item in Techdirt that points to an Inquirer article … Techdirt notes that … … while most of the stories about businesses failing to adjust to a digital and computer age focus on things like the music or movie industry, there are some other, smaller, […]

The Future Of Digital Audio – Satellite Radio And Podcasting

A study by Forrester Research forecasts growth of Satellite Radio and Podcasting … Digital audio formats, like satellite radio, online radio and podcasting — subscription-based programming that is pushed to MP3 players – are creating new business models and opportunities in radio and the music industry. Keep this in mind: 20.1 million U.S. households will […]