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Pinboard bookmarks for November 17th

Pinboard links for November 17th, syndicated automagically: The Linux Mint Blog » Blog Archive » Firefox Google Plugin – The highest single source of revenue for Linux Mint isn’t the donations, it isn’t ads on the website, it is the default start page in Firefox. This simple search plugin is estimated to generated from 2 […]

earmarked #python und #complexity und vieles mehr for free

earmarked #python und #complexity und vieles mehr for free Embedded Link Freie Mathematik- und Python-Bücher – Der Schockwellenreiter Bei Green Tea Press gibt es freie Bücher, denn sie haben Mission, lesbare und verständliche Lehrbücher frei zu vertreiben: All of our books are available under free license that allow readers to copy … Google+: View post […]

Pinboard bookmarks for October 31st

Pinboard links for October 31st, syndicated automagically: Social Experience Design: one method, two tools, three tips, the lecture • Intense Minimalism – Social Experience Design with elements of business, strategy and change management How to Convince Your Friends to Use Linux Without Being a Jerk | TechSource – The Show Don’t Tell policy also applies […]

Agile, yes – but really really Agile Management

Ah, feedback loops, emergence of patterns (of organizational pathologies), the need for mindfulness, systems-thinking-enabled and -aware managers people who work systems and really master complex responsive processes – literally all this and more in one presentation by Jürgen Appelo: Agile Management – Complexity Thinking View more presentations from Jurgen Appelo.

The answer is something WE have to live together and co-create

I am tempted to tag this video – found via Ulrike – with #s21. And I am giving in, find a (german language) explanation at my other blog. It’s near to my heart, this #s21 thing.

“So wenig Design wie möglich”

Ein Podcast des DRadio Kultur – zu einer Retrospektive über Dieter Rams in London – u.a. mit Sir Jonathan Ives und dem Schneewittchensarg – das mp3 ist hier. Und bei der Suche nach einem passenden Symbolbild (ja, ja) habe ich u.a. auch das hier gefunden: Braun vs. Apple: Inspiration Or Peculation? von David Grizzard. Jeder […]

Minimal Impact KM

Have another sunday treat? Try this one, video with Dr. David Vaine who in his video address to the actKM Conference adresses all participants and especially “my good friend Dennis (sic!) Snowden” (and David Greenteen too, sic!) – found via Mary Abraham and Green Chameleon: […] minimal impact KM touts the benefits of doing a […]