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“So wenig Design wie möglich”

Ein Podcast des DRadio Kultur – zu einer Retrospektive über Dieter Rams in London – u.a. mit Sir Jonathan Ives und dem Schneewittchensarg – das mp3 ist hier. Und bei der Suche nach einem passenden Symbolbild (ja, ja) habe ich u.a. auch das hier gefunden: Braun vs. Apple: Inspiration Or Peculation? von David Grizzard. Jeder […]

Stumbled on some podcasts …

Long list – but you’ve got time on a weekend, don’t you? Jon Udell speaks to Ledeen and Lewis (blog), co-authors of Blown to Bits: Your Life, Liberty, and Happiness After the Digital Explosion, reflecting on the rapid and sweeping changes internet technologies bring (mp3). BusinessWeek Columnists Jack & Suzy Welch say that Web Age […]

Apple thwarting music podcasts …

… at least those of independent music podcasters. A group of independent music podcasters says that Apple is thwarting independent music podcasters. The group announced that Apple is not publishing some of the feeds of some of its members’ podcasts at the iTunes Music Store. Well, music podcasts may hurt music sales at the iTunes […]