Power of (open) technology

Jeff Atwood on the real power of netbooks:

these modest little boxes are marvels — inspiring evidence of the inexorable march of powerful, open computing technology to everyman and everywhere

Add to this Kevin Kelly in his interview at orionmagazine and you’ll see what I mean.

And now go and watch Jason Calacanis rant on Apple fanboys and -girls (via Jörg Kantel):

ps. Yes, I know that Calacanis’ sidekick is working on a MacBook, and no, I am not going to buy me an iPod at the Mapple-Store when I’m in Orlando next week

  1. I am not sure if I agree with your post here. See you do make the best point, I don’t think you have actually given a large amount of thought to the opposite side of the argument. Perhaps I could do a guest post or a follow-up, just tell me.

  2. Well, let’s have an argument – but I must begin with killing your link to your site, it’s pushing laptops of all kind 😉

    Your comment stays for the moment – as I would love to see you putting some thought into the “closed systems are good” stance.