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Power of (open) technology

Jeff Atwood on the real power of netbooks: these modest little boxes are marvels — inspiring evidence of the inexorable march of powerful, open computing technology to everyman and everywhere Add to this Kevin Kelly in his interview at orionmagazine and you’ll see what I mean. And now go and watch Jason Calacanis rant on […]

On the importance of (third-party) developers

Read this insightful article on the role of external developers for Apple’s iPod success. It touches some really important points in business model innovation, design and development, e.g. the role of the business ecosystem, opening up for complementors, releasing APIs and documentation. Well, it’s all about encouraging external innovation to increase overall value … and […]

Apple thwarting music podcasts …

… at least those of independent music podcasters. A group of independent music podcasters says that Apple is thwarting independent music podcasters. The group announced that Apple is not publishing some of the feeds of some of its members’ podcasts at the iTunes Music Store. Well, music podcasts may hurt music sales at the iTunes […]

Is the Music Fading for Apple?

This is basically a live case study of how to keep innovation up … and also about tweaking and polishing business models. Well, up to now, Apple has been a case study in how not to capitalize on innovation. Let’s see what the future holds … I wonder if they’re really into business model innovations, […]