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Where do new ideas come from? Design strategy

Via Johannes, but I’ve seen this elsewhere too … Continuum explains how design strategists work: “Where do new ideas come from? This film is about design strategists and how they identify the right ideas. It was produced by the global innovation consultancy Continuum.”

Closing up some of my open tabs …

Business Week lists its top 10 of innovation and design books for 2008, books that “had an original thesis, tapped into a trend that seemed clearly part of the zeitgeist, or simply provoked us, making us think differently about the world or how better to monetize, mix, or manage fresh ideas”. And Blown to Bits […]

Stumbled upon … innovation

Will life slow down in the future or will it continue to speed up? Interesting post on the ever-increasing speed of life by Alex Iskold on ReadWriteWeb. It’s titled: “Faster – Why Constant Stress is Part of Our Future”. Well, heard that before and I guess this meme won’t ever stop. So strategic innovators may […]

Das Schlimmste [für einen Konzern] sind Leute mit einem angeblich gesicherten Wissen

Schöner Titel, stammt aber nicht von mir, sondern von Michael Ringier, gefallen in einem Interview in der FAZ mit dem Titel „In der digitalen Welt stochern wir alle im Nebel“. Ringier glaubt nicht, dass irgendein Zeitungs- oder Zeitschriftenkonzern schon den Königsweg gefunden hat. „Mit unserem Unwissen bewegen wir uns im großen Tross aller Medienhäuser. Alle […]

Levels of creativity – is there a strategy tax?

Via Philipp I learned of this video interview at CNN with Bret Taylor on his “present at Friendfeed and his past at Google” (Ex-Google Employee on Scaling an Organization): As Google gets bigger, innovation becomes harder and more costly, says former engineer. Philipp has made a transcript of the interview, I marked up some of […]

Simple ideas in innovation …

Interesting line-up at the upcoming World Innovation Forum, Gary Hamel, Amory Lovins, Eric von Hippel, Chris Anderson and more. They’re claiming that […] Over two days, the experts will guide you through the exploration of the latest innovation theory, strategy, and case studies. Learn from these resources how to successfully implement and refine innovation to […]

Podcasts on disruptive innovation, IT as differentiator, communities and more

Some english podcasts of note, collected in the last few weeks, for all of you that got a little time on their hands … For a start, Alex Osterwalder has published two more Arvetica podcasts of note (mp3), here he’s talking with Scott Anthony of Innosight, and here he’s talking with John Hagel. How cool […]