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How to get good (transformative) ideas

I would say that good ideas come from having many ideas … but there’s more, via BoingBoing: […]  a short video promo for Steven Johnson’s upcoming Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation, a lecture on the way that transformative ideas incubate for long times, come out of left field, and thrive best […]

Podcasts on disruptive innovation, IT as differentiator, communities and more

Some english podcasts of note, collected in the last few weeks, for all of you that got a little time on their hands … For a start, Alex Osterwalder has published two more Arvetica podcasts of note (mp3), here he’s talking with Scott Anthony of Innosight, and here he’s talking with John Hagel. How cool […]

Sharpening Your Skills: Managing Innovation

So now the demand and need are clear, what about approaches, concepts and ideas. Some are compiled by Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge who have put together some classic articles on innovation (“Sharpening Your Skills: Managing Innovation“), among them articles on user innovation, and how to harness disruptive change: Sharpening Your Skills dives into the […]

Kodak understands it’s changing business … and has a sense of humor

Just a short post from my backlog – because I’ve just met a friend here at Barcamp Munich who has some Kodak experiences and relations. He knows how to value this stuff … I’ve referred to Kodak’s strategic errors and all, but now look at this: This is a commercial that was produced for internal […]

Jumpstarting innovation (and how to leverage collaboration …)

There are two interesting articles/working papers in Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge. The first one is “Jumpstarting Innovation: Using Disruption to Your Advantage” by Lynda Applegate: Mature companies understand that to compete today they need to innovate. But finding sources of innovation while still paying attention to the current business can be a struggle. The […]

BBC-interview with Niklas Zennström

This is interesting stuff, notes by Niklas Zennström at the BBC. A clearsighted guy by any measure (see more here …): In the first of a new series in which the world’s leading thinkers outline their personal vision of where technology could be leading us, the co-founder of net telephony service Skype, Niklas Zennstroem explains […]

Ripping up the rules of management

In a Business 2.0 Slideshow eleven business leaders are portrayed who “achieved success by zigging while the rest of the world zagged” … Among them – Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: It was a classic Bezos move: Give something away for free, but do it in such a way that it ends up expanding the business. That’s […]