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Is the age of big ideas over?

Nice, Chris Anderson and Alain de Botton discuss “why ‘big ideas’ often get stuck and why we need to get out of our normal routine to let our imagination flow”. Get the podcast at BBC Radio 4’s “iPM: Share What You Know” – Is the age of big ideas over? (mp3), and find a transcript […]

Design Thinking and Five Challenges of Design-led Organizations

Time again for a design-thinking post – got triggered by the Küchenradio: Simon Blake arbeitet an der D-School am privat finanzierten Hasso-Plattner-Institut der Uni Potsdam. Das “Design Thinking” will für große Probleme schnell praktische Lösungen finden. Wie das geht und was bisher gelöst wurde […] Here’s the mp3 (yes, german language). Then via Michael Altendorf […]

Pattern language

Hehe, love this “wiki” in quotation marks, still way to go to real mainstream adoption I guess, whatever Gartner says. But hey, this Studio 360 podcast with Christopher Alexnder is a good listen (mp3). Found via Victor. His groundbreaking book A Pattern Language urged architects consider emotional and spiritual ideas when designing. It was the […]

Innovation is chic – and runs into organizational barriers

Via Paul Williams I learned that CNBC is doing another series on innovation, it’s aimed at C-level and I welcome this quite a lot as it stresses the importance (yet, Paul has some criticisms too). But these episodes are worthwhile anyway, and I appreciate the effort (btw, back then I wrote some posts about their […]

Open notebook science

On Science Blogging, in IT Conversations: Jean-Claude Bradley, an associate professor of chemistry at Drexel University, is a pioneering practitioner of open notebook science. On this edition of Interviews with Innovators, Bradley explains to host Jon Udell that he believes scientific research happens better and faster when the entire process is transparently narrated online (mp3).

Publishing in a Web 2.0 World

Updating my last (german language) post on media industry let me add this podcast (mp3) with Tim O’Reilly, from the 2007 O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference, where: [he] turns his attention to how Web 2.0 trends are creating new challenges for the publishing industry

Redesigning business models

In a recent BusinessWeek – Innovation of the Week podcast Jeneanne Rae of Peer Insight gives “practical advice on how to redesign common business models using examples of transformations in companies from Amazon to IBM and Boeing”. Download the mp3.