Phishing explained (and visually exposed, too)

Nice treat on a sunday morning – Lee has done a great job again (as always), good to see as well that the freemium model is paying out (ad supported free videos, ad-free hi-res versions for sale …)

  1. I was really liking this video until it made the terrible mistake of saying “the crooks don’t know your name”. This is just plain wrong, as this information is often available.

    I really hope this video is changed soon before this mis-information is spread as a ‘safety tip’.

  2. Robert, I know – it’s a bit shaky. But not really bad, as it seems that for now most of the crooks don’t seem to bother for personalization of their scams. But yes, they could possibly do it easily and in time, given all the information that can be pulled together from various sources.

    I guess we all need to stay alert for a while …