Gerd Leonhard on the Future of Media

Now this is interesting, given all the talk about the new Radiohead album, changes in music industry and all. A conversation on the new Media Conversations channel with Gerd Leonhard: “The Future of Media

In his new book “The End of Control”, Gerd Leonhard expands on the key topics introduced in his first book “The Future of Music” while escalating the debate out of the music realm and into media at large. He addresses the single most important issue underlying many debates about the future of media: who controls what, why, when, and where, and how can digital content still generate revenues when most of the traditional ways of controlling its flow ( i.e., distribution) are no longer available.

Here’s the mp3, and there’s also a video version at the Media Conversations site.

Moreover, Leonhard is making his new book “The End of Control” available online – one chapter at a time:

The book argues that in the future, controlling distribution is replaced with earning, receiving, and maintaining attention; that in media’s future friction is fiction; and that the “people formerly known as consumers” now literally run the show.

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