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Innovativstes Businessmodel aller Zeiten?

iTunes wurde vom eco-Verband als innovativstes Internet Business Modell ausgezeichnet. Aus der zugehörigen Mitteilung: [iTunes] hat sich schneller als alle anderen Modelle weltweit als Marktführer im Online-Verkauf von Musik etabliert. Mit über 430 Millionen verkauften Songs ist der iTunes MusicStore heute weltweit die Nummer 1 Wichtige Punkte habe iTunes gut gelöst, zum einen Auswahl, einheitliche […]

Testing Copyright Limits

Grouper is testing the limits … speaking of innovations that rock the bed …. I think that this quote is catching the tune really nicely: […] innovation supplies a steady stream of new ways to access, use, store and copy digital goods, raising a succession of unanswered questions about how laws from the era of […]

Ökonomie und Rock-Musik

Am gegenwärtigen Zustand der Musikindustrie lässt sich der Einfluss disruptiver Technologien auf etablierte Wirtschaftszweige sehr schön demonstrieren. Ein Paper von Alan Krueger und Marie Connolly, Connolly, M.; Krueger, A.B. (2005): Rockonomics: The Economics of Popular Music, Princeton University Working Paper, March 2005, in: zu den Economics of Popular Music führt einen wie ich finde […]

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll? Not anymore

Music business sure has changed, no surprise here, note this article on MSNBC: Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll? Not anymore. Guitar, drums and a business plan are now ingredients for success and this Experts say changes in the industry are requiring artists to be even more mindful of ways to market themselves, and their […]

The new model is the old model …

… according to this article in the New Yorker (James Surowiecki), speaking of viable business models for musicians: The music industry may be in crisis, what with illegal file-sharing, stagnant CD sales, and the decline of commercial rock radio, but the touring business is as sturdy as ever. In some ways, it is healthier than […]

mobile music business models …

Interesting article at the, arguing that business models for mobile downloading of music are not ready yet, pricing is too high, design and funktionality of the devices is crappy … Still, some positive aspects remain … Handset makers and wireless carriers […] have one big advantage in competing with Apple’s hit digital-music player: Cellphones […]

Luring listeners to subscriptions?

Interesting piece on the subscription business model, questioning whether listeners that have grown accustomed to the iTunes pay-per-download business model will eventually also dig rental services like Yahoo’s music store. Granted, changing consumer behavior — renting, not buying music — will take time, while it’s hard to make money on new types of subscriptions […], […]