Pinboard bookmarks for November 8th

Pinboard links for November 8th, syndicated automagically:

  • Connect 2012 – the new two-day conference for forward-thinking business leaders – this looks to be an excellent way to engage those who need to understand Social Business without the technical and Notes/Domino bias of the Lotusphere event. It has often been difficult to justify a trip to Lotusphere to C-level or Director-level executives and managers in the past, Connect may be the first time that this is an easier business case than for the administrators and developers!
  • Quantified Awesome: How much music do you have?
  • Visualization resources – interesting examples of visualizations
  • After the Kumbaya – gIn some ways, social media are just a set of tools to reach your prospects where they’re now spending time (social networks like Facebook), and in other ways, this has become a whole new channel, the the human digital channel. In both cases, the goals are the same: train to use these tools in a way that befits the company’s business goals, but with a sensitivity to the landscape of this new environment.

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