Music Business Models – enter

La la is a peer-to-peer used CD store where users trade CDs with other users. It takes guts to be a startup in the music sharing business these days… there are a lot of pitfalls, as it

aims to transform music-industry economics […] giving musicians a major cut of the proceeds while largely freezing out record labels and other intermediaries.

Legal copyright risks make this business a minefield to navigate, while offering a rich exploration space for business model innovations. There are other good opportunities in the music space like e.g. Recommendation & Discovery … to help listeners discover new music, by calculating recommendations on what other users listen to, personalizing etc. or Supporting Band/Music Communities … adding to the social aspects of this business: offering new stuff that may well go beyond MySpace’s offerings etc. and of course all technical/infrastructure/DRM/etc. undertakings.

So well, it is likely that new business models and alternative revenue streams will continue to emerge. Interesting stuff to watch, read more here and here.

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