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2007 Digital Outlook Report

Avenue A | Razorfish just released their 2007 Digital Outlook report, which examines trends in digital media. Unusual format, but nice layout 😉 Interesting stuff, like e.g. The Death of the Page View: How AJAX, RSS, and Widgets Will Force Us to Define a New Metric for User Engagement by Garrick Schmitt “We”conomics: Monetization of […]

Joost … zum dritten

Weitere Artikel zu Joost (siehe auch hier meine ersten beiden Einträge), bspw. im Economist: [Joost] is based on P2P software that runs on people’s computers, just like Skype and KaZaA. And it does indeed promise to transform the experience of watching television by combining what people like about old-fashioned TV with the exciting possibilities of […]

Zune: Dead On Arrival

Stowe Boyd has serious doubts about Microsofts chances to enter the livingroom, and bets on Apple: The war for your living room is coming, and I am still betting on Apple — not Microsoft, not Sony, not Hollywood — to figure out the right combination of features and adaptors Add this to the recent analysis […]

JPG Magazine business model

Michael Arrington on the business model of JPG Magazine, merging user-generated content, community-building, -brokering and -spanning. Yes, this hybrid business model’s central trait is this spanning capability, i.e. a premium on connectivity, bridging between offline and online audiences: More print magazines should be doing similar things to embrace an online community instead of just copying […]

Online and Traditional Media Companies

Knowledge@Wharton on the inroads online companies are making into traditional media turf and some “paths forward” in the media industry, especially the advertising business it is … […] as an information system and a disintermediator — that’s finite, […] as a content developer and provider, that lasts a lot longer — perhaps indefinitely. and on […]

Attention Please …

BusinessWeek article on how social networks, wikis, blogs, and podcasts and ohter user-generated content are drawing away attention from traditional media , i.e. tv networks, radio, print newspapers and magazines … nice reading, and there’s some more stuff, notably on the BBC’s efforts. Well, yes, digital technology is providing people with the tools to produce […]

Music Business Models – enter

La la is a peer-to-peer used CD store where users trade CDs with other users. It takes guts to be a startup in the music sharing business these days… there are a lot of pitfalls, as it aims to transform music-industry economics […] giving musicians a major cut of the proceeds while largely freezing out […]