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Zune: Dead On Arrival

Stowe Boyd has serious doubts about Microsofts chances to enter the livingroom, and bets on Apple: The war for your living room is coming, and I am still betting on Apple — not Microsoft, not Sony, not Hollywood — to figure out the right combination of features and adaptors Add this to the recent analysis […]

The Soul Of A New Microsoft

Business Week coverstory for Dec 4 on revitalizing Microsoft from within … Reigniting growth will require a cultural shift at a company that has long shaped its strategy around maintaining its Windows operating system and Office word-processing and spreadsheet monopolies. That calls for a new breed of leaders who can push the company in directions […]

Microsoft’s shifting business model(s)

The Economist has an interesting piece on the Zune (and the Xbox 360 in a larger sense), and its implications on Microsofts business model … and well, yes, the times they are a changing. Need some more proofs? Check out this by Gaping Void … good analysis, especially the part on Rebirth and constant renewal. […]