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Copyright and the law

A worthwhile and interesting article in the Economist on the Grokster ruling, media industry business model implications and copyright law … For one, it holds that the supreme court’s decision struck what looks like the best available balance under current laws between the claims of media firms, which are battling massive infringements of their copyrights, […]

Pyrrhic Victory over Grokster

and may I add that this may turn out to be a pyrrhic victory at best … read some of the reasons at BusinessWeek for one: It was no accident that Grokster and StreamCast were the defendants in this case — they were handpicked by Hollywood because they made the content industry’s case so easy […]

Supreme Court rules against file swapping

oh yes, not to forget, if just for the record: The Supreme Court has ruled against peer-to-peer networks claims that they are not responsible for copyright infringment that occurs over their networks. the nine justices said companies that build businesses with the active intent of encouraging copyright infringement should be held liable for their customers’ […]