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Patterns as holistic framework for building

Patterns, Components, and Code, Oh My! By Erin Malone (check out the excellent series on working with patterns and the equally interesting book)

Service design and social innovation

Via James Dellow – earmarked for service design and social innovation:

Fix the Problems of Design Thinking

You don’t have to watch it all the way through as it is pretty long, but after about 10 minutes you can tell that their definition of Design Thinking is, for lack of a better phrase, all over the place. It is clear that the panel members all have different opinions, influenced by their background […]

Interdisciplinary explorations

[…] a project giving students an opportunity to experience aspects of the design process first-hand through a collaboration with design students Four videos and an extensive outline of the collaboration process and its outcomes at Lucy Kimbell’s Design leads us where exactly, including business model modelling et al. MBA-designer collaboration: Discussion (4 of 4) from […]


Via Monoscope via Core 77 via …

Shaping space

Another addition to my collection of writings on creative working spaces and the future of work (and how to design for it) – video from Stanford’s The new space, which is intended to be a longer-term home, draws on five years of prototyping concepts for how collaborative teams might work together in four very […]

The value of abstracting design problems

Patrick Whitney explains the value of design for business and innovation–in under four minutes (from IIT Institute of Design on Vimeo …). Not exactly an MBA style approach – which makes it so inspirational, yes.