Fix the Problems of Design Thinking

You don’t have to watch it all the way through as it is pretty long, but after about 10 minutes you can tell that their definition of Design Thinking is, for lack of a better phrase, all over the place. It is clear that the panel members all have different opinions, influenced by their background and motivations, of what Design Thinking is.

Video and snippet found in DesignSojourn, whose critique hasn’t turned me off – but rather by asking good questions reminded me about how fascinating this topic can be. (Proposed) solutions included too:

So How Can We Fix the Problems of Design Thinking? […]

1) Teach Design Thinking with Design Doing.
2) Anchor Design Thinking as part of a larger holistic process.
3) Leave Design Thinking and managing the design process to the experts. Accept that, just like accounting, not everyone can do it.
4) Finally, call Design Thinking something else.

I am not sure if naming is important, as the object of the discussion is moving and evolving so quickly it may be fine with having a common language and “mental shortcut” to design thinking, whatever it may be?

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